About Us

Debra Abraham

Message From Our Founder

As the founder and Executive Director of Unique Get Together Society (UGTS), I bring 20 years’ experience working in social services. With a track record of getting things done, I’ve spent time working in group homes, women’s shelters, detox centres, foster homes and recently, I have had success working with children who live with autism.

Passionate about making a difference in the lives of others, I left the Ministry of Children and Family Development to start UGTS so I could offer my knowledge and experience to those who need the support. As a mother of six, I am no stranger to the demands of raising a family (at the best of times) and I know first-hand how difficult that can be without any support. My goal is to offer our services and support to any child regardless of their disability and personal care.

We provide a wide range of programs such as our yearly Summer Camp, learning about music, we also have a soccer team specifically designed for children with disabilities, we also have Computer camp in which children learn how to use computers and we provide daycare. We help families by offering support and services to take the stress and burden out of their day-to-day activities, while providing programming that focusses on their child’s needs and abilities versus their so-called ‘disabilities. Children learn to be more independent, and find what they excel in.

Debra Abraham

Our Mission

We provide service, support and emotional relief for children and families who have special abilities, while advocating for social change, so that every child is included and valued in our communities.

Our Vision

A world where ability is the only thing we see

Our Values

  • 1. Commitment
  • 2. Teamwork
  • 3. Respect
  • 4. Passion and Pride
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