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Today’s watercolor experiment:

I had nothing in mind to paint today. When that happens, I get my inspiration by just getting started. Sometimes I do this by dipping my brush in a color that suits my fancy and stroking it across the paper. Perhaps the color or the shape of the stroke will inspire my next step.

Today I used latex resist as my starting point. Instead of dripping it from a great height and risk splashing, I poured it close to the paper and tilted the paper this way and that, to steer the liquid into a pleasing pattern, before I let it dry.

Then I started by applying terra verte. This particular color, or at least the brand I have in my paintbox (Winsor Newton), requires quite a bit of pigment to render any color at all. It is very light. I used granular paints, Moonglow (Daniel Smith) and burnt sienna for…

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