Break Time

Originally posted on Brotherly Love:

I don’t ask to take breaks at work. I like what I do. But break time is mandatory and they tell me when I have to leave for 15 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, I love going out in the sunshine and exploring the environs, which consist of a parking lot and a restaurant that has surprisingly good jazz piped to the out-of-doors.

Today’s watercolor experiment:

On one of my breaks, I found a nice scene that beckoned to me. It was just a fence with two partially painted areas. It had a nice foreground and trees above it that hung over the top of the fence.

Photograph: Partially Painted Wooden Fence and Trees

(Reference Photo)

There was just something about this scene that attracted me from across the parking lot. It was the two painted areas across the horizontal span and the layers of the parking lot, the curb, the space between the curb and the fence and the…

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