Walk for Trauma

A Story That Needs To Be Told. 


This video speaks on themes of trauma, sexual abuse and suicide.     

Want to talk?  We are here for you.  We are ready to help. 

VIDEO CREDIT: Benjamin Crowley

Watch Debra's story


The annual Walk for Trauma is being led by Debra Abraham. Debra is a single mother of 6 and a grandmother to 5, who has worked in the social services field for the past 23 years. The impact of her work and career is not limited to but includes the Ministry of Children and Family Development (Child Protection). Throughout Debra’s life, she has listened to hundreds of stories from children and youth about trauma. A common tale amongst all these stories is the child’s challenges and need for healing. Debra has set out on a life mission to help the youth and their families heal and write new chapters of their lives. Debra will be embarking on the Walk for Trauma to engage in the process of healing.

This became a very personal and passionate project for Debra when a close family member first told her she had been sexually abused. She was 8 years old at the time. The years passed and her voice was never heard. On October 15th, 2018, the pain had become too much for her. She attempted suicide.

She survived!

She still struggles, but Debra is determined to have the voices of children heard so they can heal from childhood trauma.


We can no longer only medicate symptoms, we must heal the root cause. We are challenging our provincial government to match all monies from this walk, dollar for dollar” (Debra Abraham)


It’s time we listen to our children. It’s time for healing, it is time we Walk for Trauma!


We are proud to announce that the Walk for Trauma 2022 will take place from May, 24th to June 3rd, 2022 with a 400km walk and cycle healing journey with our Lead Director and CEO, Debra Abraham! This year, she will be walking and cycling for Trauma from Kamloops to New Westminster, B.C.


Participants are invited to join her in person or virtually on Rungo.com, share the event around them, and donate to help raise funds and create awareness around Trauma in its various forms. Indigenous Land and Communities along the way will be acknowledged. Also, by joining this event, you stand a chance to win prizes!

The goal of the Walk for Trauma is to raise awareness for childhood (or family) trauma and to promote treatment of the root causes of trauma rather than only focusing on the symptoms. Treat trauma as trauma.

Honour those who fight every day. Show support for the thousands of families in British Columbia living with this disease. Did you know that 76% of Canadians report having experienced a traumatic event during their lifetime? And 8% from these people develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) according to the Canadian Psychological Association.

Your fundraising efforts and generous donations will go to support children and families. This will then give them access to therapy that best suits their needs and secure services without barriers to cost and time. The walk is about healing children from the inside out. Please help us end trauma by signing up or making a donation.




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