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Doing What’s Needed

UGTS has partnered with Foodmesh to assist families in need of food and essential supplies. We can provide a food hamper per family containing necessary ingredients and food items, such as non-perishable food, dairy products, vegetables and fruits. This program is meant to support individuals and families who are in financial difficulties and CANNOT afford to maintain their families on a weekly basis. 

With this weekly food basket program, you are able to suggest what types of items you would like to receive. The range of items is limited, but you can choose between the following items; No-perishable food, fresh dairy products and meats, vegetables, fruits, and assorted beverages.

If you are a family or individual who meets the following criteria, please fill in the registration form below to register for our FREE weekly food basket program.

Criteria ( Family or Single Person)

  • Low-income or in financial difficulties

  • Possibility of malnutrition

Upon registration, we’ll contact you to gather some information and approve your application. Please be considerate and register ONLY if you are in genuine need of food and essential supplies. Quantities are limited per week and will only be given to those who need it the most.

Cost: FREE

Age: all ages welcome

Location: Vancouver & Chilliwack, BC. 

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