Fun with Frisket

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Today’s watercolor experiment:

I just love my new frisket (also known as masking fluid). The liquid latex that I used previously was pretty viscous. That made for interesting drops and splashes when poured, but the traces tended to be course when I would tilt the paper to encourage the fluid to run across the paper.


The frisket I now use is not viscous at all. For today’s experiment, I used an eye dropper to suck up the masking fluid and squirt it onto the paper. After doing so, I shook and jarred the paper to allow the fluid to form fine lines.

Here is the first stage of today’s composition including masking fluid and the first washes:

Watercolor : Abstract - Masking Fluid and Initial Washes

Initial Washes and Masking Fluid

The masking fluid traces looked like lines of fracture emanating from one source. This caused me to think about a sunset interrupted by lightning or cracks in space…

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