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She believed she could, so she did.

 At UGTS our services are like a hug when you need one most from a trusted source. Strength of a Woman’ aims to provide a safe space for women fleeing violence, domestic abuse, and/or other unsafe situations to take shelter for as long as they need. It is important for women to have a place of shelter they can go to in a situation of abuse or violence. Many of our clients often find themselves scared to leave an abusive environment, because the abuser has extensive control over their lives. The aim of this program is to shift the power back to the women, and provide them support and comfort as they heal and strengthen themselves.

During this period, Unique Get Together Society’s social services team will provide holistic support for healing. This will be through culturally appropriate programs (e.g. Indigenous beading), counselling supports, mental health supports, physical health supports, and individual supports.

 There will be female support workers available in the home at all times to provide comfort and support, and assist with any emergencies. Furthermore, individual needs, such as job seeking, educational upgrades, etc. will also be supported.

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Cost: FREE (dependent on funding)

Age: All Ages Welcome

Location: Private Location



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