There Is Life After Separation

and i can be the most beautiful experience you can imagine.

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Are you struggling with a divorce?

Written by Wendy Keller

My friend “Brian” is going through the crazy time common during a divorce. Driven blindly by guilt,he’s making himself more miserable than he needs to be. He moved out, then guilt over “abandoning” his 18 yr old high school senior drove him to move back in. It took a lot of courage – and a lot of pain – for him to move out in the first place. What will it take to move back out again – if he wants to in the future? In 1994, my therapist told me, “When the pain is bad enough, you’ll leave.”

I did. And it was extremely difficult to end ten years of marriage.  Since then, I’ve observed many friends struggling with this awful decision.  In retrospect, I see three things that make leaving a bad relationship so incredibly difficult.

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