We are Infinite

We are infinite
for a second
It seems I could live for ever
in this moment
with these people
expressing our dreams
turning our goals into real things
it’s scary
It’s terrifying
the thought of failing
not being good enough
settling for less than we thought we deserve
a thought came one day,
what do we have to lose?
what, do we have to not believe in ourselves
Our beautiful infinite selves?
We are wildfire spreading fast
We couldn’t stop ourselves from wanting more
knowing more
being more
seeing more
So we planned,
for the future we have ahead
for the places we are going
people we are going to meet
Hand bags we were going to own.
(Materialism is a myth)
It’s all so thrilling and chilling at the same time.
Having it all
Can we handle it?
Can we handle all of that all on our backs?
Yes, we could.
And we’d do it with the sexiest smiles.

By Athina Abraham
Age 18