What’s in a name in St. Lucia

Originally posted on Godivaworld Travels:


A few months ago during an “Island Hopping Milestone Birthday celebration” for a good friend of mine, we stopped on the beautiful island St. Lucia.   The extent of our shenanigans and comedy show-worthy antics needed to be televised because it was a day of never-ending laughs.

Upon arrival, St. Lucia was less than desirable in terms of the weather as it was a raining overcast of a day.  Nonetheless we REFUUUUUUUSED to allow a lil ol bit of rain to put a damper on our day.  So off we went to explore.

imageFor whatever reason during the entire 7 days of this adventure, my friend (who-shall-remain-nameless) was on a constant search to satisfy his Issey Myake addiction (smh remembering the adventures in search of a new fragrance for his collection).  It is because of this crazed obsession with finding a new and under discovered fragrance that we stumbled upon…

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