Why can’t every day be like Christmas?

As I was contemplating this article, I began to think of the Christmas season that just and I realized how important it is to our society. I thought about all of the years this occasion has been celebrated and I thought of all the children that have grown up with this tradition and how it has impacted their lives. Wow, that opens up a lot of nostalgia, memories both joyful and traumatic.


Great expectations are always created around this holiday and as well as forged friendships, there are disappointments. It’s not always a time of joy for all but regardless, we look upon it as the best part of our life and our years. It is past the season of joy and good cheer, a season of good food, gift giving, and family reunions.


In our excitement and merriment, we often forget about the people who live in chaos and often poverty. They do not have the same expectation, and they do not feel the excitement of plenty that comes with Christmas. Often, they come from places where Christmas is not a celebration, but a time of family trauma and dysfunction.


Rather than using this article to feel sad and guilty about our fellow humans, what about putting ourselves out to compassion, kindness and generosity. The reason for the season is the birth of a child who grew up to tell the world that Love is what we are all made of. Jesus came to remind us that we are connected.


We are all part of the same energy and frequency that is our world and the Universe? He wanted us to treat our fellow beings with acceptance, understanding and love. Now that is a good reason to celebrate Christmas. What we are really celebrating is Jesus’ birth, our birth and our life as loving, understanding forgiving and generous beings.


Even though Christmas has passed, think about those less fortunate and maybe stop at the food bank and give $20. (They need money because it is labour intensive to carry boxes, of canned goods to their destinations). Take your children with you when you go so that they can feel the joy of helping others in need.


Christmas is about Love, but you can celebrate and demonstrate love all year round. We at Unique Get Together Society plan to approach 2017 with this attitude.


By Janet Robinson