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With her heart as a compass and her spirit as a guiding light, Debra Abraham, the founder of Unique Get Together Society, is committed to supporting children with special needs and empowering indigenous communities.


Having worked within the system for three decades, Debra's passion for social work and its transformative effects remained unwavering. However, she realized that the system was more fixated on problems than on people, leading to transient solutions that did not create long-lasting change. This fueled the inception of Unique Get Together Society, driven by a profound commitment to attentive listening and creating long-term solutions that help people become self-sustainable.


In 2012, after working in child protection for many years, Debra, along with her son, embarked on a trajectory to help kids with special needs and behavior challenges who were often overlooked by others. They meticulously observed, listened, and then adapted the environment to suit those children’s needs. As a result, those children were not just happy, but they flourished.

Furthermore, to comprehend the behaviors of certain Indigenous children, Debra started learning about their cultural roots and therapeutic practices. Guided by a calling and the mentorship of a fervent Indigenous elder named Dennis, Debra wholeheartedly immersed herself in the tapestry of Indigenous culture and historical legacy.


Ever since, she consistently applies those acquired teachings and works with people from Indigenous communities, actively participates in sweat lodges, fasts every year, and attends Sundance. Through these practices, including IFOT (Indigenous Focused Trauma Therapy), she nurtures a profound connection to the indigenous people, their ancestral heritage, and the sacred land itself.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To strengthen connections with the land, ourselves, and each other, creating safe, inclusive space for social change.

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Our Vision

To create a safe and inclusive world where humanity celebrates diversity and embraces love for all our relations.

We believe that together, we can create a more inclusive world where every individual is cherished and valued.

Our organization is upheld by six pillars that form our foundation: Love, Change, Community, Healing, Service, and Independence.


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