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Celebrating the Graduates of Our Past Senior Digital Literacy Program! 🎓

On October 12th 2022, we proudly witnessed our seniors successfully completing the program, made possible through our collaboration with the Africa-Canada Education Foundation.

A heartfelt thank you to African Stages, our generous venue host, and MLA Garry Begg for their support at the certificate ceremony. Premier John Horgan, MLA Andrew Mercier, MLA John Aldag, along with the Africa-Canada Education Foundation, were instrumental in bringing this initiative to life.

Throughout the program, seniors delved into vital topics, including internet safety, social media etiquette, and phone safety, arming themselves against scams and online harassment. They acquired practical skills such as opening email accounts, using writing tools, and mastering file storage. Seniors embraced the digital world by creating social media accounts, connecting with loved ones, and even enjoying online interactions with grandkids.

The October 2022 graduation marked a significant milestone, showcasing seniors' newfound proficiency in computer basics and digital literacy. We extend our gratitude to all who supported the Senior Digital Literacy Program. Although the program is now in the past, its impact endures, leaving behind empowered seniors ready to navigate the digital landscape with confidence. Here's to the success of our past graduates and the lasting legacy of digital literacy in our community!

Graduation Gallery

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