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Essential Food
Hamper Program

Doing what's needed

Our inclusive Food delivery program helps racialized and marginalized individuals, including people with disabilities, seniors, and families who may not have easy access to get to food bank facilities. We offer food hampers with the ability for clients to customize their order per dietary restrictions and/or cultural considerations, also the needs of children and teenagers. We offer food hamper delivery on the weekends, delivered to your door, free of charge! Currently, we serve over 100 families in need every week, from North to South Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, and Surrey.

If you are a family or individual who meets the following criteria, please fill in the registration form below to register for our FREE weekly food hamper program.

Criteria (Family or Single Person)
Low-income or in financial difficulties
Possibility of malnutrition​

Upon registration, we will let you know your expected delivery day. Please be considerate and register ONLY if you are in genuine need of food and essential supplies.
Thank you.


* We have diverse staff so can accommodate Farsi, Hindi, French and several African languages; also translations services may be available

Cost: Free

Age: 18+

Location:Greater Vancouver Area

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