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It's that time of year again !

Updated: May 23, 2022

Dear UGTS fans,

We are thrilled to announce to you that the official countdown has now started for our “Walk for Trauma 2022”! Yassss, there is less than 1 week left before Debra Abraham, Unique Get Together Society (UGTS) founder, walks and cycles for 400km! This year, we are fortunate to have this event happen both in-person and online. We invite everyone to participate, from all ages, backgrounds, abilities, genders, and origins.

This 12-14 day healing journey aims to raise funds and awareness around Trauma in all its forms and trauma therapy that UGTS offers through its programs: this includes, but is not limited to, people who are experiencing trauma linked to the loss of a loved one, childhood or adulthood events, mental/physical disability challenges. Our goals are to provide fair and equal access to the therapy and resources so desperately needed: these include recreational programs and community services that UGTS provides.

You can learn more about Debra's story here: Our foundational values of love, healing, independence, service, community and ultimately change are infused in every program provided to see people thrive. Debra will acknowledge Indigenous communities and land throughout this journey.

So here is how you can support this Walk for Trauma 2022:

1) Join the walk in-person at any point in time or through the Rungo app:

2) Donate towards this important cause Debra is walking and cycling for through:

· Canada Helps:

· Fundrazr:

3) Share our Facebook event page to your loved ones:

4) If you haven’t yet, you can follow us and like our Instagram and Facebook pages for updates and upcoming events using

We are counting on your kind support to make a difference in people’s lives and help build a safer, healthier, and more inclusive community for now and future generations.

For more information on the event, feel free to contact us on

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